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Why Women Should Save Money Differently Than Men

Author Terrell Dinkins says ‘mars/venus’ rule should apply to finances

We all know that ‘women are from venus and men are from mars.’  In her new book, One Bucket at a Time: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Wealth, author and financial advisor Terrell Dinkins makes the case that the same rule should apply to our finances.

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“Because of divorce, widowhood or remaining single, many of us will have to carry the financial load alone,” says Dinkins. “Add to that the blessing and curse of living longer than men, and the fact that many of us are taking care of parents and children, and you see how women have to be strategic when it comes to saving and growing money,” she adds.

Black women face even bigger financial challenges,making 64 cents for every dollar white men makeand being more likely than other groups to raise children on their own.

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